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"The Exclusive-by-Market Program"

The Exclusive by Market program allows a network of independent alarm companies with opportunities to share in the utilization of a powerful, easy to remember, toll free vanity number 1800 ALARM IT. Each independent alarm company selects their target Market Area(s) and are then licensed by geographic location. Each business then advertises their existing company name with the 1 800 ALARM IT phone number in their local areas and receives all calls from their local area, directly to your existing phone line(s). Calls from outside their area will be routed to other companies in their respective areas. You answer the calls, no middlemen. Your company name and current ads stay the same, you just substitute your regular phone number with the 1 800 ALARM IT phone number. This creates very powerful national advertising and branding and gives the power of a large franchise organization to a local business.

No matter what type of ads you run you must show your telephone number. Studies have shown that more consumers would rather call an 800 vanity number more than any other number. If you advertise in local or regional markets using internet, yellow pages, newspapers, radio, television, or billboards, you can dramatically increase sales by using our custom 800 vanity phone number. A customized phone number like 1 800 ALARM IT will make your sales jump overnight, and calls will continue to come in months after an advertising campaign ends. Increase the return on your marketing investment, you get more responses at a lower cost per lead. You get more calls for your dollar.

Take a look at your local Yellow Pages. How many other alarm companies are you competing against? What will help the consumer choose you? Consumers going through the yellow pages are awash in burglar alarm companies. You must give them a reason to select you.

Our toll-free, number is actually a "Mini Commercial". The shortest and most effective advertisement for your company. It is not merely a telephone number. It provides the potential consumer with significant pieces of information. It creates a Word Picture of what you are selling. It spells it out. Consumers now expect a toll free number for almost any product or service whether purchased locally or globally. It ads prestige to your existing company name, immediate credibility with your potential and existing customers.

Toll free, vanity numbers like 1800 FLOWERS, 1800 LAWYERS, 1800 MATTRESS, have established beyond doubt that consumers seek and are much more likely to call, remain loyal to, and refer others to a clever 800 number that describes the nature of the product or service offered. Modern consumers seek a comfort level. That  comfort is provided by the knowledge that while you are local, you are also part of a nationwide network.

Increase Response Rates 25% To 50% and More

When it comes to boosting your bottom line and keeping you top-of-mind with customers, nothing pays off quite like a toll-free Custom 800 number. Companies that use unforgettable Custom 800 numbers in their advertising and marketing materials increase response rates by as much as 50% and more.

While it may seem obvious that advertisements using a vanity 800 number get more response than those with a numeric, a recent study by Michael J. Motto Advertising in New Providence, NJ found that radio ads with a vanity 800 number drew fourteen times more calls than those with a numeric 800 number.

Vanity numbers are those that translate into words for easy recall. The results of this study not only confirm conventional wisdom that vanity numbers draw  more calls, they remove even the slightest doubt. Easy-to-remember phone numbers dramatically increase advertising response rates. They are simply unforgettable. Months after a campaign has ended, advertisers report that the phones are still ringing.

"It's a no brainer, especially in electronic media, that vanity numbers are easier to remember," said Ray Murray, vice president at Motto Advertising. "The survey showed not only that they work better, but that they work dramatically better." The results of this study are overwhelming evidence that vanity numbers are truly indispensable."

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