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Interactive Security And Home Automation

Home automation and smart home alarm security system. All in one for the modern homeowner. It’s all here, in easy to use and affordable monthly packages. Installation and monthly monitoring service is included. In addition to superior wireless security, it offers you advanced mobile and web features your old-fashioned burglar alarm could never dream of adding, all at a cost in line with traditional home alarm systems. Manage all of your home’s large and small appliances from anywhere with a web enabled mobile device such as a smart phone or laptop computer. Dim the lights, turn on the coffee maker, start dinner on the go. We  can even integrate your thermostats to allow remote temperature control and reduce heating costs. Locked out, no problem. We can also integrate remote locks that can be opened or closed from anywhere. You can likewise turn on lights remotely to provide a safe path when you arrive home.

Watch Children and Pets

You can even stream live video of the inside of your home. Total home automation and home security puts you in control of your home from wherever you are. Get text or email alerts when the kids get home from school. Monitor sensitive or restricted parts of your home, such as swimming pools, medicine cabinets or other areas that contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Supervisory Alarms

Supervisory Alarms add peace of mind by monitoring your sump pump, temperature levels, or carbon monoxide levels in your home. A sump pump monitor can alert our Central Station to call you in the event of a potential flood. Low temperature monitors ensure the safety of your home when you are out of town or can protect a second home when it is not occupied. We can also install carbon monoxide detectors to monitor the levels of this odorless gas which can kill in minutes. Learn more about what supervisory alarms from 1800 Alarm It can do for you.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your home security system remotely from any web connected computer or from your mobile devices, safely, securely and in real time. Forget to arm the alarm? You can check to see that the system is armed and activate or deactivate all or part of your system remotely. Receive custom message alerts for non-emergency events, such as family members coming & going and low battery signals, and lets you view live video feeds for your home. You can view video clips of past activity online. You can also view detailed login of when and who has disarmed your security system.

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The Future Of Home Security

If your home could talk to you, what would it say? Whether a door has been opened, a valuable has been moved or a flood has been detected, you can know right away! All you need is your laptop or mobile phone to stay in the know and stay in control. With Total Connect Remote Services, if it's happening in your home, it's happening on your phone.


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