Small Business Alarm Security Systems

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Small and Medium Sized Business Security and Protection

We know that you have much more invested in your business than just money. Your business is your livelihood and your dream, and it deserves solid protection from a local company that understands what your business means to you. 1800 Alarm It is committed to protecting you from every contingency, whether it be fire, flood, theft or intrusion, with our full line of monitoring and interactive security equipment including door and window protection, motion detectors, smoke detectors and video surveillance.

24 Hour Monitoring

Monitoring your system ensures that break-ins and emergency situations are responded to as swiftly as possible. 1800 Alarm It employs a UL-approved monitoring station and trained professionals monitoring your business around the clock to ensure your peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 1800 Alarm It protects your business and its assets at all hours, day or night.

Better Protection

Keep your business secure with a 100% wireless system. Our systems do not require a land-based telephone line to function, eliminating the extra expense and the extra potential point of failure. All your business’ alarm and trouble messages are sent to our central station via cellular network. Additionally, crash & smash protection allows an alarm signal to be sent - even if the intruder manages to disable alarm during entry delay period.

Perimeter Protection

1800 Alarm It can secure all of the potential points of entry for your business using a comprehensive perimeter protection system, custom tailored to your location. We provide perimeter door contacts to activate your alarm when a door is opened. Likewise, we can install perimeter window contacts and non-obtrusive glass break sensors to ensure windows cannot be used as an unauthorized point of entry.

Interior Motion Detection

Motion detectors provide even more security, detecting any intruder who has broken into your premises. Combined with 24 hour monitoring, motion detectors are an extremely cost-effective way to ensure unauthorized people cannot gain access to your business undetected.

1800 Alarm It Interactive

1800 Alarm It Interactive takes your business security one step further by offering an array of remote control and supervision tools, available from your computer or mobile device. With 1800 Alarm It Interactive you can view live video of your business, respond to non-emergency alerts, arm or disarm your system and even control thermostats to reduce energy costs. Know when employees are arriving or departing with email or text messages. Learn more about what 1800 Alarm It Interactive can do for your business.

Supervisory Alarms

Supervisory Alarms add peace of mind by monitoring your sump pump, temperature levels, or carbon monoxide levels in your place of business. A sump pump monitor can alert our Central Station to call you in the event of a potential flood. Low temperature monitors ensure that plumbing and equipment are not damaged by insufficient climate control. We can also install carbon monoxide detectors to monitor the levels of this odorless gas which can kill in minutes. Learn more about what supervisory alarms from 1800 Alarm It Security can do for you.